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Research Topics

For approximately 3-4 weeks you will actively lead on a research project which will focus on Key areas of microelectronics research and which will be mentored by leading scholars and experts. After a week learning as a group at the Microelectronics Winter Camp you will then move to smaller groups and work with one of 4 professors at KAUST. The broad research topics for each professor are outlined below and more information on the professors can be found on the "Hosting Faculty" tab. Students will be matched with professors based on their own interest and expertise.

Professor Muhammad Mustafa Hussain

  1. Add-on Electronics
  2. DIY Electronics
  3. Wearable Electronics

Professor Jurgen Kosel

  1. Micro- and Nanodevices
  2. Sensors
  3. Graphene Transducers
  4. Energy Harvesters 

Professor Atif Shammim

  1. Additively Manufactured (inkjet, screen and 3D printing) Flexible Radio Frequency Electronics
  2. Wearable and Disposable Sensors for IoT Applications
  3. Energy Harvesting Through Ambient Resources (infrared EM)

Professor Xiaohang Li

  1. Deep UV Optoelectronics
  2. High Power Electronics